Struktur Studio is a structural engineering firm located in
Scottsdale, Arizona.  Our experience encompasses a wide
variety of building types.  Our focus is to provide our client
with a quality product and quality service from design
inception to the finished product.  Struktur Studio’s
capabilities extend from project conceptualization, planning
and design to special structural inspections and observation.

Struktur Studio is known to our clients as a highly reputable,
assertive, and ethical structural engineering firm.  We are
ready to respond to the immediate needs of our clients, often
providing services above and beyond the norm by checking
on projects during all phases of design and construction,
working overtime when necessary to meet client schedules,
and making personal deliveries to meet the client’s

Our commitment is to provide our clientele with quality
services by the entirety of our staff for the entire project.
Our staff stays abreast of the latest developments in the
industry, allowing us to provide our clients with the most
appropriate solutions to meet their needs.  We endeavor to
understand the latest advances in the industry and as
appropriate, apply them to the solutions for our projects.  The
key is to apply new systems and technologies with tried and
tested methods to produce an effective structural system.  
Naturally, we will investigate “outside the box” solutions to
achieve our clients’ desire.
Our Mission Statement:

The firm was established with the focus to provide
engineering excellence and precision that is
combined with our extensive working knowledge of
local construction techniques and codes.  Every
project shall be given the utmost attention to supply
an effective solution that focuses on the needs of the