About Us
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The success our office is not dependent upon how
small we can design a beam or how thin a slab we
can develop, but on the service that we provide our
clientele.  One of the greatest pet peeves in our
society is the lack of service that is given to the
customer.  As our customer, we feel the most
important part of service is effectively communicating
the requirements of the structure to assist your office
in achieving the needs of the whole building concept.
We hope we may assist you with your next project.
Our Staff

Struktur Studio's professional staff includes
professional registered engineers who are in good
standing with the boards of registration. We have also
incorporated total in-house facilities such as an
integrated computer design and a drafting system
allowing us to maximize our efficiencies for our

We hold Professional registration in the following

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Idaho
What is Important to Struktur Studio?

We feel that the following features are important in
structural design:

  • Responsive communication with clientele,
  • Proper application of building code
  • Economically appropriate construction
    materials and framing schemes,
  • Attention to the aesthetic requirements of the
  • Clear, thorough plans and details,
  • Coordination with architectural drawings, and
  • Design flexibility and where necessary, provide
    viable alternatives.

It is essential that these features incorporate
accuracy, quality, and efficiency.  As your consultant,
Struktur Studio will endeavor to provide superior
service to achieve excellence in your design and is
prepared to interact from the design concept to the
constructed building.